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Buckskin Shirt

Fringed or Plain Deerskin slip-over shirt. Chamois-soft sueded Deerskin is 28" length, soft and supple. It’s hand washable. Has a leather laced neck opening. 2" fringe front and back yokes, down the arms, at the wrists, and around the bottom. Color is natural buckskin. Unlined ’n wind proof! Sizes 36-46. Extra 10% for sizes 48 and 50

MW00028-DM Fringed Buckskin Shirt . . . $255
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MW2510-DM Unfringed  . . . $242
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Engineer Caps!

Chattanooga Choo-Choo’s on track 29, and we’ve got the Railroad Caps arriving at the station. Men’s S-XL or Kid’s. Denim-Blue or Hickory-Stripe.

BR14051 Menís Denim Cap $11
BR14052 Menís Stripe Cap $11
BR14053 Kidís Striped Cap $10
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Flair Hair Visors for many uses. These visors could be used to make you look like you have a full head of hair, to cover up your own hair on a bad hair day, for warmth, or as a gift to someone perhaps that has lost their hair. George Lopez wore this visor at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am golf tournament. Very attractive and real good looking. Colors: Grey hair, brown hair, or blond hair with a red, black, or white visor. Size: Adjustable Velcro strap in back makes one size fit all.
Ladies Flowered Visors at the bottom of the page: Red with Brown Hair, Pink with White Hair, or Lavender w/Blonde Hair

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Grey, Brown or Blonde Flair Hair Visor $19
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