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5 Mother’s Day gift ideas for your outdoorsy mom

Mother’s Day is around the corner now. We thought we would help you show your mom how much you appreciate all that she is by listing out these amazing mother’s day gift ideas that your mom can use for her outdoor activities. If you want to gift her something she will use daily instead of a gift that might just stay hidden somewhere in the house, this blog post is for you.



1. Hiking shoes: 

Image of hiking shoes as a Mother's day gift idea

A pair of women’s hiking shoes

A good pair of hiking shoes would be the perfect gift for mother’s day. Especially if your mom loves being outside in nature and enjoys hiking, camping or backpacking.  Your mom can use them to get that much-needed fresh air from the woods. Not just that, normal lifestyle shoes are not going to cut it when you are going backpacking. So, a good pair of hiking shoes comes to the rescue by bringing your mom the needed support for her feet on the terrain.

Hiking shoes will keep her in comfort with good traction that provides safety to walk on the trails. If she indulges in hiking  trails often, she might use one already but a new pair of shoes may provide better traction if the old ones ave worn out. To choose from a great collection of hiking shoes from trusted brands, connect with us through call or email.

2. Soft-shell/fleece Jacket

A soft-shell or a fleece jacket can do wonders for your mom when she is outdoors. Especially if she lives somewhere where the mornings and evenings tend to get chilly. A soft shell jacket or a fleece jacket will be a welcome addition to your mom’s wardrobe. However, these jackets are not just for the winter. When you go higher up in altitude or are outdoors in the early mornings or evenings, a soft shell will be a perfect additional layer of clothing to keep warm but not hot and sweaty. Sounds like something your mom might need?

We think it would be a perfect mother’s day gift she could use regularly. Not to mention, many stores offer a discount to clear off their winter sale. That means,you could hit a jackpot in securing a warm comfy gift idea that mom will be able to use whether she stays indoors or outdoors. Our team can help you go through our jacket collection and pick out a suitable one for your mom.

3. KAVU backpack

There are so many trendy backpacks to choose from, for your mom. One fitting example is a KAVU backpack. Our store carries trendy Kavu sling backpacks that could carry your mom’s essentials; like her car keys, purse, snack, and water. Moreoever, this backpack is light weight but could still hold an extra article of clothing perfectly inside it while keeping it light on her shoulders.

An ideal mothers day gift for the trendy and outdoorsy mom, these bags come in an amazing variety of outdoor colors and types. It’s an amazing gift your mom can appreciate carrying along for her hike, daily walks, or errands in. We have some Kavu bags displayed on our website and more recent designs in our store which you can check out by reaching out to us here.

4. Levi’s Jeans    

Levis 505 Legacy Sleek Blue as a Mother's day gift idea

Levis 505 Legacy Sleek Blue

Is your mom the type to live in Levi’s? These jeans can make a terrific addition as a mother’s day gift to your mom s wardrobe if she is someone who can never have enough pairs of jeans. Levi’s are comfortable, stretchable and come in a variety of styles and colors. To keep your conscience clean they use sustainable water solutions to build their product. Not to mention, a pair of Levi’s will be something that your mom will not leave in her wardrobe and will not forget to use. Above all, she can wear them just about anywhere. Call us or check out our collection on our website for details.

5. Moccasins:

Women's Kilty Soft Sole Moccasin Taupe as a Mother's day gift idea

Women’s Kilty Soft Sole Moccasin Taupe

For everyday living and casual put-together looks, moccasins do a wonderful job. They give quality comfort to your feet while doing everyday activities and while staying in style. They also have fur-lined shoes for the cooler months that do the job of being fashionably warm. If you know her shoe size this is one mother’s day gift she will be able to use in her everyday life with ease. If your mom wants to slip into something comfortable (non-heavy duty) for the day, these shoes will bring her so much comfort that she will not want to take them off.



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