Fathers day 2021

Father’s Day 2021: Simple Gift ideas for a DAD who loves Outdoor Activities

Father’s day is around the corner and we wanted to be ready to help you prepare a special day for him with a meaningful gesture. For dads that love the outdoors, we have a simple list prepared for you that will guide you through gift ideas that are related to outdoor activities.

Pocket knife: father's Day gift ideas

1.Pocket Knife/ Multi Tool:

This is a great idea for Dads who always keeps a knife or a multi tool handy with him wherever he goes. Maybe you could replace his old one, get him his favorite one or upgrade his existing one with a new model. This father’s day, your gift would be something he could use often. Moreover, it could be something he would appreciate very much especially if he likes to have a collection of his own.

Father's Day gifts: Fishing Jacket

2. PFG clothing:

PFG or Performance Fishing Gear is a type of clothing sold by Columbia that is specifically meant for people who like to go out fishing. Not just that, it can efficiently be used for other outdoor activities too such as hiking or camping. These types of clothing are usually light weight, quick dry and moisture wicking to suit your activities for the day. So, PFG clothing for this father’s day could make your dad’s outdoor adventure light and enjoyable with these amazing clothing technologies. You can find a wide range of PFG clothing at our store if you reach us here.

Man with hiking poles: Father's Day 2021

3.Hiking poles:

What can be a more suitable gift for a DAD who wants to explore his love for nature again? His knees and feet can use a pair of hiking poles for support. Not to mention, they provide unmatched balance on a rocky terrain and keep us from slipping and help avoid major accidents. Some hiking poles can also be converted into ski poles for the winter, some of them can be folded to fit into a small backpack so its easier to carry around and most can also work as a great walking stick.

Picture of a Hammock: Father's Day 2021


Whether your DAD is a back-country explorer, a happy camper or simple someone who likes a laid back nature day for himself, a hammock would be a perfect gift for him. They come in various types and sizes to suit the needs of individuals such as a single hammock for beginners, a double hammock, a hammock with a mosquito net, a hammock made with sustainable environment friendly material or a super nano hammock that is durable light and at the same time fits perfectly into your backpack.

Pick the one that fits him best this father’s day.

Man using Water bottle: Gift ideas for Father's Day

5. Hydration Packs:

You cannot take hydration lightly when you are outdoors, especially if you engage in adventure activities for long hours. If your DAD loves to bike, or go hiking,camping,running etc, a water pack specially designed for adventure activities will be a great idea for a gift for your dad. Brands such as Camelbak have multiple high quality hydration packs, reservoirs, insulated bottles, water bottles to suit your style of adventure and need for hydration. They also provide cleaning kits and accessories to change parts of the product which makes them a great brand to choose among others.


We can make it easier for you to pick a suitable product from items mentioned above. We have a team of people who love the outdoors and have the knowledge of these products to guide you through what would be most suitable for your DAD. You can reach out to us to explore options here.

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